DiscO Jockey – The Feature Film

Controversial conspiracy theory talk show host Sammy Webb takes center stage in the heart-pounding thriller, Disc Jockey. Directed by electrifying storyteller, Leonard Farr, Disc Jockey will keep you on the edge of your seat as Sammy fights for his life on a New Year’s Eve like no other.

Sammy Webb is a firebrand radio personality, infamous for his outlandish theories and provocative rants. On the brink of losing his show, he seizes the opportunity to deliver the broadcast of a lifetime on the fateful night of December 31st. Little does he know that his plans will be disrupted by a terrifying invasion from flesh-eating aliens, determined to abduct him and silence his controversial voice.

As the clock ticks closer to midnight, Sammy finds himself in a battle for survival, both against the extraterrestrial threat and his own internal demons. Alongside his loyal listeners, who have become more than just fans, he must navigate a treacherous maze of dark corridors and hidden dangers within the besieged radio station.

Disc Jockey is a pulse-pounding ride, filled with spine-tingling suspense and moments of dark humor. Leonard Farr’s directorial finesse amplifies the tension, capturing the sheer chaos and desperation that unfolds as Sammy fights against unimaginable odds.

In a race against time, Sammy must confront his own fears and doubts, finding the strength to believe in himself and the power of his words. With each passing minute, the line between reality and conspiracy blurs, and Sammy’s journey becomes a thrilling rollercoaster ride that will leave audiences gasping for breath.

Will Sammy Webb overcome the extraterrestrial siege and deliver the show of his life, or will he become another victim in the grip of these otherworldly creatures? Disc Jockey is a high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled spectacle that will keep you guessing until the final heart-stopping moments.

Get ready to tune in to Disc Jockey, where the battle for truth, survival, and the fate of the airwaves will unfold in a night of unimaginable terror.