wow radio timeline


  • 1935: The original building that now houses Station WOW Radio is constructed in an area, known for its historical significance as a gathering place for various secret societies and occult practitioners. The building’s unique architecture, with strange symbols etched into the foundation, adds to its mystique.
  • 1937: During a thunderstorm, a lightning strike hits the building’s radio tower, causing a massive electrical surge. Listeners claim to have heard strange, otherworldly voices broadcast on the station for several hours, leading to rumors of paranormal interference.


  • 1962: A fire breaks out at the station building under mysterious circumstances. Despite the building suffering significant damage, no official investigation leads to a cause.
  • 1965: A secret chamber is discovered beneath the station building during renovation work. Inside, a collection of ancient radio frequency manuscripts and unusual artifacts are found, such as a mysterious microphone and record collection.

May 12, 1980:

  • Station WOW Radio is established by a group of eccentric radio enthusiasts who believe in the power of the airwaves, offering a platform to transmit unconventional and eclectic programming, from paranormal shows to obscure music genres, experimental art, and unconventional storytelling.


  • The “Ghostly Frequencies” show debuts, featuring recordings of eerie electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and unexplained sounds from the station’s surroundings. It becomes a cult hit.


  • A series of unexplained power outages occur during the “UFO Watchers” show, causing listeners to speculate about possible interference from extraterrestrial forces.


  • A mysterious pirate radio station, known as “The Echo,” briefly hijacks Station WOW Radio’s frequency and transmits cryptic messages in a distorted voice. The incident baffles listeners.


  • During a live broadcast of the “Time Traveler’s Hour,” a listener calls in with coordinates to a remote location. The broadcast is cut off abruptly, and an expedition is launched to investigate the site.


  • May 3, 1999: Station WOW Radio launches its official website, expanding the reach of its eclectic content to a global audience, allowing listeners to stream live shows, interact with DJs, discuss shows and access a vast archive of spooky broadcasts. The site quickly gains popularity.
  • December 31, 1999: As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, the station airs a special live broadcast featuring DJs from the past two decades. An eerie event occurs when the voices of DJs who have passed away are heard, leaving listeners mystified.


  • 2004: The “Midnight Mystery” contest is initiated, where listeners are invited to solve a series of cryptic riddles hidden within broadcasts. The prize for the first successful solver is a ticket to a private event held at an undisclosed location.
  • 2009: A series of strange weather patterns disrupt broadcasts, causing intermittent disruptions to the station’s signal. Conspiracy theories abound, with some suggesting that the station is somehow linked to the unexplained weather anomalies.
  • 2010: Sammy Webb, a charismatic and enigmatic DJ, becomes a prominent figure at the station.


  • 2012: Station WOW Radio begins airing a recurring segment called “The Secret Chamber Chronicles,” exploring the secret history of the station building.
  • 2016: During the “Time Traveler’s Hour,” a mysterious voice interrupts the show, claiming to be from the future and warning of impending cosmic events. The interruption is brief, and the identity of the voice remains unknown.
  • June 15, 2015: Sammy Webb debuts his flagship show, “Burning Bridges With Sammy Webb,” attracting a dedicated following of listeners with a unique blend of humor and music curation.
  • February 10, 2018: Sammy Webb’s show surpasses one million downloads, making it one of the most popular late-night radio programs in the world.

2018 – 2023:

  • Sammy Webb’s fame grows as he explores increasingly bizarre and disturbing topics, making him a controversial figure in the world of offbeat radio.
  • The station begins receiving mysterious letters from a group calling themselves “The Secret Seekers,” who claim to have discovered something extraordinary in the woods near the station’s location.

September 1, 2023:

  • On the night of September 1, Sammy Webb hosts a live broadcast. As the show progresses, strange occurrences are heard over the airwaves. The broadcast ends abruptly, and Sammy Webb vanishes without a trace.

September 2, 2023:

  • Station WOW Radio is inundated with calls and messages from worried listeners who heard the bizarre events of the previous night.
  • An official investigation is launched to locate Sammy Webb, but no clues are found.

September 3, 2023:

  • The station’s website crashes due to a massive influx of visitors seeking updates on Sammy Webb’s disappearance.
  • A candlelight vigil is held by devoted fans in front of the station’s supposed location deep in the woods.

September 5, 2023:

  • The Secret Seekers release a cryptic message on the Station WOW Radio website, hinting at Sammy Webb’s fate but leaving more questions than answers.

September 10, 2023:

  • The search for Sammy Webb continues, but the investigation reaches a dead end.

October 31, 2023:

  • On Halloween night, the Station WOW Radio website mysteriously comes back online, playing a loop of Sammy Webb’s last broadcast, with eerie background sounds and voices.

November 1, 2023:

  • A surge of traffic hits the website, and theories about Sammy Webb’s disappearance and the involvement of “The Secret Seekers” intensify.