Listen to WOW RADIO!

Welcome to WOW Radio, where the airwaves come alive with the eclectic tunes and vibrant beats handpicked by the one and only Sammy Webb. Whether you’re a fan of vintage classics, groovy beats, or soulful melodies, Sammy Webb’s playlist promises to transport you to another dimension. Tune in to experience the music that inspired the film, discover hidden gems, and relive the energy of Station WOW. Let the music play and the good vibes resonate – welcome to the WOW Radio experience.



Burning Bridges with Sammy Webb

Take a thrilling plunge into the depths of the unusual with Sammy Webb. “Burning Bridges with Sammy Webb” is a show that ignites your curiosity, inviting you to explore the extraordinary and challenge the boundaries of the known world.

Ghostly Frequencies

Unearth the eerie and the unexplained with “Ghostly Frequencies.” This show explores recordings of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and unexplained sounds, sending shivers down your spine as it delves into the mysteries of the paranormal.

UFO Watchers

Join us in the quest to uncover the truth about unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life. “UFO Watchers” investigates sightings, encounters, and unexplained phenomena from the outer reaches of our world and beyond.

Midnight Mystery

For those who seek to solve enigmas and unravel cryptic riddles, “Midnight Mystery” offers you a challenge like no other. Tune in to test your wits and embark on adventures that lead you to the heart of the enigmatic.

Time Traveler’s Hour

Immerse yourself in the complexities of time and space with the “Time Traveler’s Hour.” Listeners are in for a mind-bending experience as they explore paradoxes, temporal anomalies, and the possibilities of journeys through the fourth dimension.

Secret Chamber Chronicles

Embark on a journey into the hidden chamber beneath the station building’s foundation. “Secret Chamber Chronicles” explores the arcane manuscripts, cryptic symbols, and ancient artifacts discovered within, unveiling the building’s connection to enigmatic societies and rituals.