MCNB Presents Terror on TV

Welcome to “Terror on TV” with Scarlett the Horror Hostess – Unveiling the Darker Side of Cinema!

Dive into the macabre world of late-night frights with Scarlett’s spine-chilling program, “Terror on TV.” Broadcasting from MCNB television, Scarlett curates a selection of classic horror films, often unearthing forgotten gems and delighting viewers with her dark sense of humor. Here are some of the classics that Scarlett has recently featured on her program:

  1. “Crypt of the Crimson Shadows” (1957)
    Unravel the mysteries hidden within an ancient crypt where crimson shadows come to life. Beware, as the undead awaken to wreak havoc on unsuspecting intruders.
  2. “Spectral Serenade” (1962)
    A haunting tale set in a forgotten opera house, where a spectral diva’s melodic voice draws the living into a world of eerie arias and ghostly encounters.
  3. “Nightmare Nebula” (1955)
    Witness the intergalactic horrors lurking in the Nightmare Nebula, where unsuspecting space travelers encounter otherworldly terrors beyond their wildest imaginations.
  4. “The Crawling Catacombs” (1968)
    Journey beneath the city streets into the crawling catacombs, where an ancient curse brings forth an army of the undead, hungry for the souls of the living.
  5. “Phantom Pharaoh’s Curse” (1953)
    Set against the backdrop of an archaeological dig, this film follows the discovery of an ancient Egyptian curse that unleashes a vengeful phantom pharaoh upon those who dare disturb his tomb.

These thrilling features capture the essence of Scarlett’s program, where horror and campiness collide to create a thrilling and entertaining experience for fans of the genre. Tune in to “Terror on TV” and let Scarlett guide you through the shadows of cinematic frights!